Laser Cutting, Forming Machine and Welder at P&D Metal Works

Are you a homeowner, contractor or designer? Do you want to make your home or business stand apart from the rest? Custom fabricated metal work may be the signature touch to set you apart and P&D Metal Works may be able to help. Based in Neenah, WI – P&D Metal Works has the capability to cut, form and fabricate custom metal works to fit your specifications. Find out how and where to order custom fabricated metal work in Wisconsin with this overview of our products, services and capabilities at P&D Metal Works.

What Services Are Available at P&D Metal Works in Wisconsin?

No matter what your project. No matter what your purpose. P&D Metal Works can help you customize, fabricate and produce custom metal works in our 32,000 sq-ft facility with state-of-the-art metalworking machinery. We have worked on a variety of projects in a variety of industries that include residential, commercial, municipal and industrial. We have contributed to metalworking projects in a variety of ways – from conception to parts manufacturing to production. We can supply parts based on your plans, fabricate complete designs and help you create a working concept on paper.

Metalworking Services Provided at P&D Metal Works

  • Laser Cutting
  • Laser Forming
  • Custom Metal Fabrication

Custom Metalworking Capabilities and Machinery at P&D Metal Works

To better understand our capabilities and how we can help you with your custom metal works, it is important that you understand the processes, machinery and equipment that we have at our state-of-the-art facility. Armed with this list of metalworking machinery, tools and equipment available at P&D Metal Works, you can plan ahead for your custom metal fabrication project.

  • Ermaksan 3-kW Fiber LAser Cutting Table
  • Ermaksan 12’ x 193 Ton Press Brake
  • Hypertherm Powermax 1000 Plasma Cam Plasma Tables
  • Marvel Autofeed Horizontal Bandsaw
  • Scotchman Manual Horizontal Bandsaw
  • Tauring SAF DS60HV Plus Angle Roll
  • Eagle BPR Curvatrici Angle Roll
  • Carell HRM 1270 x 90 Plate Roll
  • RMD Mandrel Draw Bender MB-350
  • RMD Model 350 Tube Bender
  • RMD Tube Notcher
  • Garboli Centerless Tube Polisher
  • Self-Feed Drill Presses
  • Miller GMAW/GTAW Welding Machines
Employee at P&D Metal Works Working on a Machine

What Custom Metal Products Do We Make at P&D Metals?

Are you hoping to purchase custom metal works for your home or business decor? P&D Metal Works produces beautiful custom products that may be the perfect fit and can be purchased online and shipped to your home or business. We can provide all of our products for your custom projects with short turnaround times and with custom design elements added as requested. All products are manufactured at our facility in Neenah, WI and made with high-quality materials.

P&D Metal Works Custom Metal Products

  • Custom Wall Sconces – 14” W x 12” H x 4.5” D
  • Custom Wall Sconces – 8” W x 12” H x 4” D
  • Custom Metal Welcome Signs – 20” x 15 ¾ “
  • Custom Happy Camper Signs – 15.5”
  • Custom Happy Camper Signs – 23.5” 
  • Custom Metal Cattails – 24” 
  • Custom Metal Cattails – 36”
  • Custom Metal Cattails – 48”
  • Custom Metal Railings 
  • Custom Fox River Fire Rings
P&D Metal Works Flying Duck Wall Sconce on White Background

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Are you in search of custom metal products for your home or business? You may not know where to order custom fabricated metal work in Wisconsin. P&D Metal Works is the answer. Contact P&D Metal Works to learn more about our custom products or to place your order!