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Do you have a custom metal project that you need done for your home, business or factory? Custom metal work can help make your business or factory more efficient and can make your home or business stand apart. If you are interested in custom metal fabrication, you may be asking – how much does custom metal work cost? P&D Metal Works – located in Neenah, WI – is a premier metal fabrication company in Northeast Wisconsin and we may be able to help answer your questions with a quick overview.

What Is the Average Cost for Custom Metal Fabrication?

The cost of custom metal fabrication will vary based on many different factors – and P&D Metal Works can help with this overview. The design of your project, cost of materials used, labor and more will all impact the overall cost of your custom metal project, but that does not mean that we cannot provide you with a general range. If you have a custom metal fabrication project that you need designed and manufactured – the P&D Metal Works Team can provide you with a more accurate estimate.

  • Average Metal Fabrication Project Cost – $2,072
  • Average Metal Fabrication Project Price Range – $535 – $3,620
  • Average Sheet Metal Engineer Price Range – $40 – $200
  • Average 2D Manufacturing Design Drawing Price Range – $50 – $60 Per Hour
  • Average 3D Modeling Design Price Range – $90 – $200 Per Hour
  • Average 3D Part Conversion Price Range – $60 – $70 Per Hour
  • Average Steel Prices in the United States – $711 Per Metric Ton
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What Factors Impact Custom Metal Fabrication Costs?

When you have a custom metal project, there are many factors that will impact the cost of your project. Here is a quick list of common factors that will determine the cost of your custom metal project when you choose P&D Metal Works in Neenah, WI.

  • Raw Materials – What type of metal do you need for your project? The prices for raw materials are a chief concern when you commission a custom metal project. Prices for materials like steel, aluminum, titanium, and copper fluctuate based on the global market and are always changing – which impacts the cost of your project.
  • Labor Costs – Do you need help designing your custom metal project? Is it a large project that will take a lot of time and labor to complete? The time your project takes to design, manufacture, and install will play an important role in the costs of your project.
  • Design – How complex is your project? Does your metal project have a lot of small moving parts? How complex your design is will affect the manufacturing process and may require more advanced machinery and techniques that will add to your bill.
  • Quantity – How many pieces is your custom metal fabrication project? Do you need just one custom metal piece? Do you need a large quantity of pieces? Higher quantities mean more materials and more labor costs, which means more dollar signs.
  • Finishing – There are a lot of processes that can be used to finish your metal project – powder coating, chrome plating, nickel plating, anodizing, and more – that will add to manufacturing times and labor costs. Make sure to factor finishing processes into your cost estimates.

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When you start a custom metal fabrication project, we know that cost is at the top of the list and many of you want to know – how much does custom metal work cost? We hope that this quick overview created by P&D Metal Works will give you some idea. Contact P&D Metal Works today to get an estimate for your custom metal project!