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Are you in need of custom metal parts or products for your home, factory or business? P&D Metal Works in Neenah, WI has the capabilities to design and fabricate custom metal pieces for you or your business. We want to help answer your questions, questions like – what products can be made with custom metal fabrication? Here is a better look at common products that can be custom fabricated in Northeast Wisconsin at P&D Metal Works.

Common Products Made by Custom Metal Fabrication

Custom metal work can be found in almost every aspect of our everyday lives – from small parts of larger equipment and machinery to decorative metal pieces for your home or business. There are three basic types of metal fabrication – industrial, commercial and structural – and P&D Metal Works can help with projects in all three categories.

Industrial metal fabrication includes the design and fabrication of the parts and pieces that are used in manufacturing and machine processes. Commercial metal fabrication includes structural, commercial and decorative metal pieces for homes, stores, malls, parks, schools and more. Structural metal fabrication involves the production of metal pieces that are used in construction that includes structural beams, stairwells, walkways and more.

Custom Metal Products at P&D Metal Works in Wisconsin

P&D Metal Works is a premier metal fabrication business located in Neenah, WI – in the heart of the Fox Valley and we operate out of a 32,000 square-foot facility. We have the ability to laser cut, fold, punch, weld and more with your custom metal projects. No matter what you may need, we can help you fabricate your project from start to finish – from design to fabrication to installation. Here is a list of the custom metal products we can fabricate here at P&D Metal Works.

  • Commercial Guardrails and Walkways
  • Metal Fencing and Privacy Panels
  • Metal Gates and Archways
  • Interior and Exterior Railings
  • Metal Staircases and Walkways
  • Metal Welcome Signs
  • Metal Light Fixtures
  • Decorative Metal Pieces
  • Range Hoods
  • Fox River Fire Rings
  • RIGGUARD Grille Guards
  • MORE…
Kaukauna High School Stadium Fence and Sign by P&D Metal Works

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Do you have custom metal work you need for a project? You may ask – what products can be made with custom metal fabrication? P&D Metal Works can help you with your custom metal fabrication – from design to production and beyond. Contact P&D Metal Works today for more information on our products, services and processes!