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Are you interested in custom metal work for your home or business? Do you want to add custom metal pieces to your home? We can provide the custom metal work that you need at P&D Metal Works in Neenah, WI from design concept to custom fabrication. Many potential customers that we interact with want to know – what is the process to design and fabricate custom metal pieces? Here is a glimpse at the process we use at P&D Metal Works to create custom metal masterpieces for your home, business or factory.

How Are Custom Metal Pieces Designed and Fabricated?

P&D Metal Works provides custom metal fabrication services for homeowners, home designers, contractors and municipalities in the Neenah, Appleton, Oshkosh and the Fox Valley area. We know that many individuals and businesses that are in need of custom metal work do not know where to start and we can help make your ideas come to life with a passionate and talented team.

1. Contact P&D Metal Works

The first step in the custom metal fabrication process is to contact P&D Metal Works with your business information, location and your area of interest. This will give us a preview of what you need and we will contact you to discuss the process and how it matches our capabilities.

2. Provide Your Concept and Design

No matter what stage your custom design is at, we can help. We will discuss your idea and concept and help you determine more specific parameters for the project. If you have a complete design concept, we will develop a custom fabrication process and turn your sketches into a cold, steel reality.

3. Finalize the Design, Provide a Quote and Create Deadlines

We have created a design process and as we start production, we will fine tune the process to ensure that your custom metal work meets your specific parameters and as we finalize the design process, we will provide you with a quote for the work and provide a project deadline to fit your timeline.

Welder Working on a Metal Project

4. Installation

Does your custom metal project require installation? When we fabricate custom metal pieces, we are with you to the end and if the metal work needs to be installed at your home, business or municipality we are there to help. 

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Do you have questions about how we create custom metal pieces at P&D Metal Works? This overview will help answer questions like – what is the process to design and fabricate custom metal pieces? Contact P&D Metal Works today and let us help make your custom metal project come to life!