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Do you need custom metal work fabricated for your business or home? Do you want to learn more about the custom metal fabrication process? You may not know – but there are many different processes used in custom metal fabrication by businesses like P&D Metal Works in Neenah, WI. People interested in metal fabrication and the services we provide at P&D Metal Works want to know – what are the different types of custom metal fabrication processes? We have the answers you are looking for at P&D Metal Works!

Common Types of Metal Fabrication Processes

Do you have a custom metal project you need fabricated in Northeast Wisconsin? The processes used in the fabrication of your project will be determined by the design, the purpose and the materials that are used to create your product. There are 11 common metal fabrication processes that you may encounter when you order custom metal work and some projects may use multiple processes. Here is a breakdown of the most common types of metal fabrication processes.

  • Casting – This is the process of using a mold or die with hot, molten metal to create custom metal parts. The casting process is used primarily for the mass production of metal parts.
  • Cutting – Do you have a design with precise specification that requires precision cuts? Metal fabricators can cut metal to fit parameters and templates with refined methods that include laser cutting, plasma arc cutting, computer numerical control (CNC) cutting, rotary die cutting and more.
  • Drawing – This is the process of using tensile force and a tapered die to stretch and thin the metal to a specific shape. The process can be done at room temperature and is integral to sheet metal fabrication.
  • Folding – Does your metal project have sharp angles and bends? Folding is a metal fabrication process that most often employs a brake press to create a sharp crease in the material that allows it to be folded to fit specific parameters.
  • Forging – Have you watched Forged in Fire? The popular TV show has made metal forging more popular and the process employs compressive tools – a hammer or die – that can be used on hot or cold metal to manipulate the metal to fit your design.
  • Extrusion – A common metal fabrication process – extrusion is a process where the material is forced through or around an open or closed die that forces the material to match the cross-section of the die. This process is common in projects that involve piping or wiring.
  • Machining – Maybe the most common metal fabrication process, machining is a process in which the metal is shaped to your specifications by removing excess metal. In this process, a rotary tool is used to spin the raw material at a high rate of speed and a cutting tool – like a lathe or CNC Milling Machine – will cut the material to meet specs.
  • Punching – No, not the Mike Tyson kind. Metal fabrication punching is a process where a CNC Punch or similar tool like a self-feeding drill press is used to punch a hole in the metal material – either through or into a die.
  • Shearing – When your custom metal fabrication requires a long, straight cut, the process used is called shearing. This process employs two tools, one above the material and one below that work in opposition to cut and fracture the metal.
  • Stamping – This process is similar to punching, but rather than creating a hole in the metal material a die is used to create a specific stamp or indentation and many machines used in the stamping process will cast, punch, cut and shape metal sheets in a single motion. This is used for a variety of metal products – like coins.
  • Welding – We have all seen an example of welding on TV and it can be an intricate fabrication process. Welding uses a combination of heat and pressure to join two pieces of metal. Types of welding include Stick Welding, MIG Welding, TIG Welding and Flux Cored Arc Welding.
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Custom Metal Fabrication Processes Available in Neenah WI

P&D Metal Works is a premier metal fabricator in Northeast Wisconsin that can help you create custom metal works – from design to installation. Businesses, companies, developers, contractors and individuals interested in custom metal fabrication want to know more about the capabilities we have at P&D Metal Works and we are here to answer your questions. The custom metal fabrication processes we can provide at P&D Metal Works in Neenah, WI include – laser cutting, folding, punching, welding and more.

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Do you have questions about custom metal fabrication? You may want to know – what are the different types of custom metal fabrication processes? Let us help answer your questions and create your custom metal products right here at P&D Metal Works in Neenah, WI. Contact P&D Metal Works today for more information on our custom metal fabrication services!