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P&D Metal Works provides custom metal fabrication services for a broad range of companies, industries, and individuals in Northeast Wisconsin. We know that many Wisconsin businesses have questions about the metal fabrication process and we want to create a better understanding of how we can help businesses continue to grow. Many individuals who contact us at P&D Metal Works ask – what industries use custom metal fabrication – and we are here to help.

Top 5 Industries with Custom Metal Fabrication

Custom metal products and fabrication processes have a role in countless industries and economic areas in the United States and across the world – but there are a few that really rely on metal fabrication. Metal fabrication can be found in commercial, industrial, and residential settings in a variety of products and constructions.

P&D Metal Works is a family-owned custom metal fabrication business that was founded in 1998 and has provided metal products, services and designs in many industries. We have the capabilities to fabricate a wide range of products that can be employed in a variety of industries and settings. Fabrication services we provide include – laser cutting, folding, punching, welding, bending and more.

Here is a better look at industries that rely on and employ custom metal fabrication to provide you with products and services.

1. Architecture and Construction

Architecture and construction is a common industry where you may find custom metal fabrication in use. A custom-built home, building or business may need custom-made parts and those parts need to be manufactured to precise parameters. A custom metal fabrication company can provide the hardware, tools and design pieces to fit your architecture and construction project. Products manufactured by P&D Metal Works that may fall into the construction industry include guardrails, fencing, security gates, railings, staircases and more.

2. Automotive

OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) that include many automakers rely on custom manufactured parts that must be built to specific specifications and produced in large quantities – which is just one facet of the automotive industry. Aftermarket parts are another aspect of the automotive industry that employ custom metal fabrication. A key example are the RIGGUARDS® bumpers and grilles for semi trucks that are manufactured by P&D Metal Works.

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3. Medical

Few industries rely on precision like the medical industry and when it comes to medical tools, implements and industrial applications, custom metal fabrication plays an important role. Metal fabricators employ an impressive list of manufacturing processes that allow them to create precision instruments for the medical industry.

4. Agriculture

Agricultural machinery is subject to harsh conditions and hard use on a daily basis – which means that it needs to employ high-quality, durable metal parts – and when those parts break down over the years, they need to be replaced. Metal fabrication companies like P&D Metal Works have the capabilities to manufacture the parts and equipment needed in the agriculture industry to help farmers avoid downtime.

5. Landscaping

The landscaping industry is another industry that employs custom metal fabrication at P&D Metal Works – in both commercial and residential areas. P&D Metal Works has experience manufacturing custom metal fencing, gates, exterior railings, privacy panels, bike racks, signs and much more that fall under the landscaping industry umbrella.

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What industries use custom metal fabrication? Learn more about how custom metal fabrication can be applied to commercial, industrial and residential areas with this quick overview by P&D Metal Works in Neenah, WI. Contact P&D Metal Works today for more information!