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When you need custom metal work for your home, factory or business in Northeast Wisconsin – we may be able to help at P&D Metal Works in Neenah, WI – but we know you have questions. You may have questions about the design and fabrication process. You may want to know what types of metal can be used. You may be asking – how long does the custom metal fabrication process take? We can help answer your questions at P&D Metal Works.

What Is the Average Lead Time for Custom Metal Fabrication?

Online services, like Amazon, allow us to find, order and receive the products we want within days. It is not that simple with custom metal fabrication. There is a lot that goes into the custom fabrication process – design concept, design submission, design updates, material lead time, fabrication, installation and more – all of which take time to achieve. 

The project itself adds another element to the process that cannot be easily measured. The scope and design of the project may mean it takes more time. Your custom metal fabrication may have an intricate and precise design that takes more time than average. Your custom metal project may require multiple fabrication processes that can take time. Your product may require different material that may take additional lead time to order and receive.

Here is a better look at estimated lead times for custom metal fabrication to include design time. The lead time will depend on the project. Contact P&D Metal Works today for more detailed estimates on lead time for your custom metal fabrication project.

  • Design Concept – 1 Week to 2 Weeks
  • Design Concept Review – 3 Days to a Week
  • Client Approval – 2 Days to a Week
  • Design Changes/Updates – 1 Week to 3 Weeks
  • Material Ordering – 1 Day
  • Material Lead Time – 3 Days to a Week
  • Product Fabrication – 1 Week to 2 Weeks
  • Product Finishing – 3 Days to 4 Days
  • Product Installation – 3 Days to a Week
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What Factors Add to Project Lead Time?

There are many factors that can add to the lead time on a custom metal fabrication project at P&D Metal Works. Many of them are within our control – some are not. Here is a list of a few factors that can extend the lead and completion time of your custom metal fabrication project. 

  • Contract and project approval time.
  • Limited information, documentation and design blueprints.
  • Delayed project and blueprint approvals.
  • Updated and changed project orders.
  • Changes and updates during the design process.
  • Raw material and finishing delays.
  • Multiple projects and orders at the same time.
  • Spring and summer timeframe – busy project and vacation seasons.
  • Staff shortages – vacation, hiring, etcetera.

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Do you have a custom metal project that you need fabricated in Northeast Wisconsin? P&D Metal Works may be able to help answer questions like – how long does the custom metal fabrication process take? Contact P&D Metal Works today to get started on your custom metal project!