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Do you have a custom metal fabrication idea that you need help making a reality? Are you not sure where to start the process? P&D Metal Works in Neenah, WI may be able to help you kickstart your custom metal fabrication project. If you want to know how to get help with custom metal fabrication designs, the P&D Metal Works Team will help from start to finish – from design concept to installation.

How To Optimize Your Custom Metal Fabrication Design

When it comes to custom metal fabrication, P&D Metal Works – located in Northeast Wisconsin – will help you and your company from start to finish. We pride ourselves on unrivaled customer service every step of the way and will do everything we can to help you meet your deadlines. We have an experienced team of metalsmiths and designers that can take your rudimentary design and create a functional blueprint and manufacturing plan that incorporates our capabilities in a state-of-the-art metal fabrication shop.

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Here are a few ways that you can optimize your custom metal fabrication design with the help of P&D Metal Works to ensure the product meets your specifications.

1. Have Clear Design Parameters

When you come to P&D Metal Works with a custom metal fabrication design in hand, it is important to have clear design parameters that you need met in an effort to mitigate any errors in the design, manufacturing, and installation process. Have specific measurements and dimensions that have been double checked – remember to measure twice and cut once. In addition to basic measurements of length, width, height, and depth, it is important to include specific design parameters into any blueprint – like specific tolerances, the location and depth of holes, the material thickness, the radius of any corners, and how flat the surface needs to be. 

2. Have a Simplified Design

A simple design is a more efficient design and will be easier for the P&D Metal Works Team to manufacture on time and on schedule. When you approach the design process, it is important to simplify and edit the design as much as possible to remove redundant elements, decrease the chance for error, and create a high-quality product that will function as needed. You may want to ask – do I need these elements? Is this component important to the function? P&D Metal Works can help you pare down and optimize your design no matter what your project may be.

3. Have an Idea for Materials and Processes

When you determine that you need custom metal work done, it is important to incorporate material and processes into your design. You need to ask – what materials are the best for this metal fabrication project? Do you need materials that will resist corrosion? Is strength the primary concern? Then, you need to consider how your custom metal project will be manufactured. Are the parameters you have set possible with the processes available? P&D Metal Works can help you decide on materials for your custom metal project and advise you on the metalworking processes that will help you get the best results.

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Do you need to know where to get custom metal work done in Wisconsin? Do you have questions about how to get help with custom metal fabrication designs? P&D Metal Works can help at every step of the process – from design to installation. Contact P&D Metal Works today to learn more about how we can help you with your custom metal fabrication projects!