Metal Worker Welding a Guardrail

Do you want to learn more about metal fabrication? Are you interested in becoming a metal fabricator? Maybe you are just curious what goes into the metal fabrication process? P&D Metal Works is a premier metal fabricator in Neenah, WI that provides custom metal fabrication in a variety of sectors – industrial, commercial, residential, and more. Individuals who are interested in metal fabrication want to know – what skills do you need in metal fabrication? We have the knowledge and experience to answer that question for you at P&D Metal Works.

What Does a Metal Fabricator Do?

Before we get into the skills that metal fabricators need to succeed, it is important to understand what metal fabricators do in their day to day. Metal fabricators work with a variety of metal materials in a variety of environments that include industrial, commercial, and residential. Fabricators may be responsible for the design and manufacturing of metal-made products that include everything from metal signs and guardrails to smaller machine components that are used in larger pieces of machinery. Metal fabricators use a variety of tools, skills, and metal fabrication processes to complete projects and many companies like P&D Metal Works will help with installation of custom metal fabrication projects. 

List of Skills Needed for Metal Fabrication

Metal fabricators must meet a long list of qualifications to break into the industry and in many cases, it starts with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering or a metal fabrication degree at a trade school. Fabricators must be able to read and understand design blueprints, must know how to operate metal fabrication equipment, and must have the proper certifications. 

Here is a better look at the specific skills that metal fabricators need to succeed.

  • Ability to Read and Understand Blueprints
  • Welding Skills – MIG, TIG, and Stick Welding
  • Knowledge and Experience with Metal Fabricating Machinery – Press, Brake, Drill Press, CNC, and More
  • Math Skills – Measurements, Arithmetic, Algebra, and More
  • Experience with Power and Hand Tools
  • Strong Dexterity and Stamina
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills
  • Time Management Skills
Engine Blueprint

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Do you want to learn more about the metal fabrication process? You may be asking – what skills do you need in metal fabrication? We are happy to answer your metal fabrication questions here at P&D Metal Works in Neenah, WI. Contact the P&D Metal Works Team today for more information on our processes, services, and products!